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Sommelier Curated Wine Packs 

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Discover 4 unique wines in each box
 Sharing bottles too special to be kept secret!
*organic, biodynamic &/or responsible farming* 

Each wine has a story to tell.
With curated notes, we’ll share the why behind these selections – feel inspired, not intimidated. 

Apéro Wine Pack selections come from
The American – 926 Main St, Vancouver, BC – Licensee #023342

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APÉRO Wine Packs

As sommeliers, we get to be first in line to taste the most exciting wines. We get exposed to hundreds of wines, but amongst ourselves, we keep coming back to the special few. This is what I want to share with you.


Wine is more than a tasting note. It’s about the right pick for the right mood or that perfect find to bring to your friend’s house.


Each box is thoughtfully curated with 4 exciting and fun, responsibly-farmed wines from both international and local winemakers. We include our insider-secret wine notes, connecting you with the amazing stories behind each bottle.


We want you to explore the vast world of wine instead of reaching back for that same bottle. Delivered to your door anywhere in BC, never boring, always something new – who knows, maybe you’ll meet your next favourite sip.


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Last Pack Selection

✨ Patio crusher rosé from a fave Austrian producer 🇦🇹👩🏽‍🌾 Mineral, zippy rhubarb and watermelon vibes 🙆‍♀️

✨ Cans of fermented Concord grapes from the Finger Lakes 🍇💦 Nothing serious, joyful low ABV fizz that tastes PURPLE 👅

✨ New Garganega we are in love with 🫶 A zesty Italian white made for seafood feasts 🦐🦪 and beach hangs✌️

✨ Classic Beaujolais 🇫🇷 for picnic season! Never enough chilled reds for apéro and charcuterie boards 🐷🧀

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I love that I get to try delicious wine from around the world, selected by a Sommelier, from responsible winemakers that spend more on the quality of wine than the marketing of it. Sure, I can spend on a "nice" bottle of wine at the store, but it's usually a gamble."

I love wine! The wine experiences that I crave are exactly what I get out of the Apéro packs. Every month, I get to try new wines by people who are truly passionate about what they do.”

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