Welcome to APÉRO a French way of life

“C’est l’heure de l’Apéro!” It is late afternoon in France or Québec and people are catching up and indulging in a little wine, often without commitment of dinner plans. More than connecting over drinks, it is taking a pause before the world continues again.  

The Spirit of Apéro

A curious approach to wine.

Engaging with wine the same way we do food or beer, and learning little by little – we love to share our knowledge and expertise with you, without pretence.  

Through our curated wine packs, pop-up events or private tastings, everyone is welcome to join in.

Sommelier curated wine packs delivered to your door anywhere in BC.

Discover 4 unique wines in each box with our curated wine notes to guide you along- we’ll share our insider-stories behind our selection.

Feel inspired, not intimidated.

Embracing French energy on the West Coast; simply meeting up over wine and snacks in the late afternoon. Casual. No commitments.

In the true spirit of Apéro, everyone is welcome. Stop in with coworkers & friends or meet new ones- talking to strangers is great.

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