“C’est l’heure de l’Apéro!”

It is late afternoon in France or Québec and people are taking a pause to catch up and indulge in a little wine, often without commitment of dinner plans.

Pop-Up Wine Events,
everyone welcome!

  • We meet at apéro time – 5 to 9(ish)pm
  • Come by with co-workers and friends or make new ones
  • Fun wines we love available by the glass
  • Casual counter service
  • Tasty snacks best eaten with your hands
  • No tickets, drop in for a glass or a few
  • Mainly standing & social event

Let’s have Apéro in Vancouver!

We welcome you into some of the city’s best restaurants and event spaces – We share with you our favourite wines of the moment, made by producers we love.

Check out some of the previous
A P É R O event collaborations

Next A P É R O event:

Friday, May 31st // 5-9PM (ish)

Steel & Oak Brewing - New West.

We love making new wine friends, get in touch to partner with us!

The energy of Apéro is unlike any other in the city, there's a palpable buzz that you can feel as soon as you walk in. The atmosphere is intimate without being stuffy and exciting without being exclusive. The experience makes the city feel alive and transports me to my favourite travel experiences ”

As a recent newcomer to the wine community, I always suspected wine events were elite, pretentious circles exclusive to professionals and masters. My goodness, has Apéro proved me so, so wrong. Maude has created such a wonderfully inclusive and welcoming place for amateur wine lovers and professional nerds alike to relax and have a glass together.”

Just like food, wine has a way of bringing people together - from friends and family to once strangers. Let's let it.

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